Monday, August 22, 2011

Administrative Consultant, Not Virtual Assistant

The Administrative Consultants Association is an online community of administrative experts who specialize in virtual administrative services. Founded by industry veteran Danielle Kiester, the organization was renamed from the Virtual Assistant Chamber of Commerce. Their site is a learning resource and a professional organization who seeks to support administration specialists, and have recently underwent the name change due to the morphing nature of the virtual assistant.
In a nutshell, an administrative consultant specifically provides skilled, professional-level administrative support. This serves to distance them from the all encompassing tag of virtual assistants, who can include website designers, programmers, data encoders, content writers and a whole gamut of assistant services. Is there really a need to differentiate those who provide virtual administrative services from other types of virtual assistant services? Apparently, the befuddlement on what is a offshore assistant seems universal. Quick research on the internet shows that virtual assistance can mean several things.
Moving into a direction of specialization can reap benefits for administrative consultants, as the service that they provide can target a more specific client list, and by touting themselves as experts in the particular field they can gain a comparative advantage over the jack of all trades virtual assistant. The potential downside is that in today’s online community, clients are looking for a larger palette of services, for example, having a virtual office assistant who can do web design, and at the same time manage emails. Some companies who provide virtual assistant services then gain the potential advantages when they have a pool of resources who they can commit to a client depending on the needs.  
Whichever way they will be called, virtual assistants, administrative consultants, the demand for assistance from virtual administrative services to search engine optimization or personal assistants, is growing to be an industry by itself. 

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