Monday, August 22, 2011

Call Centers Offshore: Philippine Call Center Market Still Expanding

In the last year, the Philippines has supplanted India and the country of choice for call centers offshore. Multinational companies from the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Australia, China, Canada and other developed nations have seen their virtual call centers in the Philippines.
The Philippines considers English as one of its primary languages, after the national language Filipino, and many educated Filipinos are almost fluent in conversational English, making it an ideal hub for manpower that call centers offshore need. Compared to the nationals in India or China, the Filipino accent is a little less rough which, according to most studies, is a little more palatable to the western world. Also, costs for the relocation of call center outsourcing in the Philippines are less than most competing countries, making it very attractive to companies that seek to cut costs.
Several leading call center companies have established satellite sites in the Philippines, not only in major metropolitan areas like Manila or Cebu City but in provincial sites as well. These only not minimize costs further (eliminating relocation expenses for employees while maximizing the existing manpower pool in the local area); these make it easier for them to sustain the call centers offshore.
Employment in these virtual call centers has risen rapidly in the Philippines and is seen as one of the more lucrative professions in a country whose large population is mainly employed in the different service industries. The call centers offshore have become a staple in the country’s economy and have been a leading source of offshore investments.

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