Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Criteria for Outsourcing Virtual Assistant

Being busy and overworked may prompt you to look for a virtual assistant, and when employing a one, there are some key skills that your prospective assistant may have. When outsourcing, virtual assistants should fit the bill below.

Good English Skills. This would mean both spoken and written, and is important when outsourcing virtual assistants for administrative work. This person will be taking care of your correspondence, including your email and returning your phone calls, therefore good English skills is a prerequisite. Most virtual assistants come from offshore, and screen carefully to avoid communication missteps. Accents are okay, as long as it does not detract from sound English skills already in place.

Organized. A virtual assistant must have everything ready and kept in order. This also must be done aligned to your specifications.

Proactive. A good virtual assistant will know how to anticipate your needs. You can provide them with a to do list, but over time, your VA should know what to expect from the tasks previously done.

Quick Learner. First, your VA must be willing to learn. If you ask them to use your email program but they show resistance since they would rather be using something else, you may want to reconsider. A good virtual assistant should show interest in learning a new skill or a new software and can pick up the gist of what needs to be done right away.

Meets Commitments. After all, you have delegated some of your important tasks via outsourcing, virtual assistants worth their weight should be able to meet the deadlines set.

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