Thursday, August 18, 2011

Getting Offshore Assistant Services

Getting an offshore assistant could be the smartest move for business executives, but like in any business relationships, partnership is crucial in letting each parties get what they want out of the it.

Compromise. Creating policies as a guide in setting expectations firstly for the partnership will go a great distance in managing your transactions. Clear goals with targeted results and deadlines are much useful than too elaborate details, which can take a lot of time to understand. Also ask for affirmation that the assigned tasks are well-comprehended, and welcome any ideas or any questions. This ensures that what you want gets delivered, and your offshore assistant will be capable to adjust to your needs.

Maintain professionalism. This implies being a bit strict however not overbearing, and treating your offshore assistanct with respect. As the “consumer” within the relationship, you are the one on the paying end, but this doesn't mean you can demand more than the agreed scope of work such as unimaginable deadlines.

Your offshore assistant can give you recommendations relating to the job, and it would do effectively to maintain those suggestions at hand. Most outsourcing or virtual assistants and firms communicate with one another and signs of being a troublesome client may prove to be negative when nobody desires to do business with you.

Treat technology as your buddy. As virtual assistants have another time and live in another country different from yours, feel free to use the internet IMs (instant messaging, discussion boards, email, and even free calls online ( Ex. Skype) work to your good. On the other hand, create a system that lets your offshore assistant to contact you should the internet connection fail.
Having an offshore virtual assistant on board only costs a portion of what you usually give to full-time local staff. It does save you the expensive cost in interviews and hiring. More so, you do not have to shell out money for computers, equipment, office supplies, rent, phone and internet subscription and other overhead costs.

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