Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Need a SEO Virtual Assistant?

Does your business have a website? Try this simple test. Open up a search engine such as Google or Yahoo, and enter a keyword related to your website. Does your website appear at the top? How long do you have to scroll down before your website appears? If the answers are disappointing, you may want to consider an seo virtual assistant. SEO means search engine optimization, which is a strategic marketing technique to increase organic search engine rankings.

More than 20,000 websites are launched daily, and the savvy business owner must make sure his company, products, and services do not get lost in the surfing shuffle. An  seo virtual assistant will perform key SEO functions to make sure your website gets a higher ranking. This is via keyword research and analysis, optimizing your website, link building, and even doing online promotions. Several companies offer SEO services, but for small scale business, working with a freelance SEO virtual assistant can also be a viable alternative.

Whether choosing to go with a company or a freelancer, always make sure that the SEO work being done is above board and employs white hat techniques. These techniques are providing relevant keywords, updating content, and link building. Black hat marketing is harmful and can result in bans from search engines. Such techniques would include keyword stuffing, hidden texts, link farming, and cloaked pages.

Turning internet traffic into returns on income can be done with the help of an  seo virtual assistant. Find out what your company needs, and your virtual assistant can help you get there.

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