Thursday, August 4, 2011

Outsourcing Virtual Assistants

A good VA must make sure to meet the American Standards, talented English-speaking with neutral to no accent at all.

Several individuals and companies end up outsourcing virtual assistants as part of an overall business strategy, but is outsourcing the right choice for you or your business?

Who are the usual clients in outsourcing virtual assistants? The following usually choose to hire a VA for their needs.

1.      Someone who is recently starting up a company or a business and needs help getting organized. This would include fledgling dotcoms who would need help in generating mailing lists, managing orders, keeping in touch with manufacturers and other administrative tasks that would be too time consuming to a budding entrepreneur.

2.      Someone who needs to a personal assistant to attend to social and personal concerns. Outsourcing virtual assistants for personal needs is a growing niche in the freelance industry. Busy individuals with hectic schedules often get a personal assistant to keep up with appointments and the like. For a very minimum fee, someone can make your dentists appointment, schedule a flight, do your online shopping or assist in researching for a project.

3.      Someone who needs help in a specific task and needs to refer to an expert. More specialized tasks would require outsourcing virtual assistants as part of a business strategy or plan, or as part of your business growth. If you need someone to manage your website and promote it, or to manage your database or account books, then a pool of virtual assistants would be right for you.

No matter what the reason for outside hiring might be, outsourcing virtual assistants may be the best move your business can make.

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