Thursday, August 11, 2011

Virtual Administrative Services: Worth Considering

Are you tired of having to constantly keep up with your e-mails? Have you ever scheduled back to back meetings and realized you scheduled all your breaks out of your calendar? Is your bookkeeping lagging behind? How many phone calls have you not returned? If these things sound familiar, you might want to look into virtual administrative services and get some relief.

Several online companies offer virtual administrative services to the overworked and overwhelmed professional.  Administrative services include financial or office support. Financial support includes bookkeeping, expense reports, invoicing and financial reporting, among others. Administrative services would cover calendar management, data entry and database maintenance, working with spreadsheets, word processing, crafting presentations, and liaising with clients. Other virtual administrative services can include making and distributing e-newsletters and correspondence, as well as website maintenance and updating.

Outsourcing your tasks to virtual assistant will mean more time for you to focus on the tasks that are more important for you and leave the office housekeeping to your VA. Not only do you save time, you are also getting the offshore administrative services at great value for money, as there is no financial investment when hiring a VA. No need for payroll taxes, insurance, and fringe benefits, as your VA is on a per hour or per task basis. You also get the services without having to buy a PC and set up an office.

When choosing to employ virtual administrative services, be sure to establish a good relationship with your VA provider, who will always have your customer satisfaction in mind.

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