Thursday, October 13, 2011


 Bringing your website on Google’s search results is associated to the keywords entered on the search engine by ones searching online. Now, if a person wished to know a bit with regards to “shoe styles” and your website is about “Shoes”, how will you lead that person to your site? How will you improve your Google Rank.

1. First, we must find a niche for your website. So, if you chose to blog about shoes, then we have to blog everything about Shoes. Your website should be continuous with your niche so that it will turn up on the Google’s search results.  

2. Write related reviews. Your website must have posts about Shoes – the freshest trends, snapshots of celebrities with their fashion styles. You have to update your website routinely so people will flock to your site for some juicy stuff, the recent stories, and other things.   

3. Use Google Adwords in your articles. You embed relevant Google Adwords in your article. Use Google Adwords that have high monthly searches. 

4. Add tags to your articles. For example, if you happen to have blogged an article about the latest Jimmy Choo shoes, then you add tags to your articles like this – jimmy choo, latest jimmy choo, latest shoe styles, jimmy choo shoe styles. The more tags, the better. It will help the audience find your article through Google’s search engine.

5. Expose the articles to social media sites. The most suitable thing to do to promote your site and improve your Google ranking is to mention your articles in social media sites where individuals can see it. You can use Facebook, Twitter, Technorati, Reddit and other sites. It will clearly help you boost your Google Rank. 

Now, this might take time but the key is constancy. Enhancing your website regularly by writing engaging articles will help a lot. And best of all, you must be passionate about your website, about what you write because all these will not function unless you have passion in what you do. Over time your website will be the first rank on Google.

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