Monday, November 7, 2011

How to Partner with Offshore Virtual Assistant Effectively

If you have committed to hire an offshore virtual assistant, the following thing to take into account is how to make him work effectively for your business. One of the challenges of producing an offshore virtual assistant is time difference. While it may well be easily dealt with, but keeping in track with the business improvement strategies and at the same time monitoring your online assistant if he was working accurately with the task is rather hard action to take. Although a virtual assistant may be a skilled person that is why you hire him for job, it is important for you to handle him effectively to avoid waste of effort and energy for two of you.

These tips shall help you partner with your virtual assistant effectively:

Always Open a Line of Communication

Using email and instant messengers shouldn't merely be limited as your means to give instructions. It ought to also be used to clarify things stated in the duty list. Always advise your virtual assistant to asks questions whenever something is not really 100% clear to him. Once you keep a instructions easy and clear, that could make his job much faster and easier. These communication tools need not to merely be used to monitor him hourly to find out if heis working or not, but will also be used to strengthen employer-employee relationship. More often, your simple cheers could break the ice to refresh him whenever he is in feels exhausted or a little stressed.

Use Project Management System or Collaboration Board

Usually there are some free or affordable project management systems you will be able to use that your offshore virtual assistant needs for him to have updates with all the task or if you have some additional tasks. Work timer or project progress chart might actually help the two of you get updated regularly and end important things associated with your projects. PMS and collaboration boards also provides quick documentation of your work processes and also serves as file storage and downloading.

Provide Training Modules/Materials

There can be occasions when your offshore virtual assistant is lacking resources and the only access could be you. Your prior "know-how" about your business may well be of effective help to him in operating the task. Should you stumble some training materials or online tools he could put to make the work faster, much better. Or if there is a video tutorial regarding what he was in doing regularly, you can share it right away.

Motivational Incentives

Your virtual assistant is actually your regular worker which also has to be motivated to work. A targeted reward strategy for a target accomplishment could mean a whole lot for him to passionately do his job everyday. More often, it can even minimize cultural barrier and continue everything in a perfect working relationship.

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